What's your dream?

Finding the courage to just go for it...

I used to be just like you.

I remember sitting in corporate roundtable meetings, daydreaming about the day I would finally open my own store. For years, I drew sketches of logos, interior designs and making plans in the back of my notebook. I took a classes at FIT at night to learn as much as I could. One was called "Opening Your Own Boutique", taught by a woman named Princess, who had a well established store on 125th Street in Harlem. Over the course of 4 two hour classes, she continuously said the phrase,"You've just got to do it!" Princess was priceless.

The day I was called down to HR and told that my job was being eliminated, I felt relieved. I stared across the table at my boss and the HR guy and said "Give me a few months, then start to look for The Fashion Truck out on the road." I don't know where from within me that came from, or how I had the guts to just say it. But I said it- and I did it. Within 6 months of that day, I was rolling out of my driveway in The Fashion Truck.

If you are have been dreaming of opening a retail store, what's stopping you? Do you feel well prepared take the leap? I'm here to help... And remember: "You've just got to do it!"

Keep on truckin',