Have the Best Week of the Winter!


Are you ready to have the BEST SALES WEEK of the Winter?

Valentine's Day week is always a GREAT opportunity to SELL through your inventory and make some money!

Here are some of my favorite tips for maximizing this week:

1. KEEP IT TIGHT: Do not buy more inventory! Work with what you have in stock and create sets or groups to make it look new and interesting.

2. GAL PALS: Run a special for 'Gal-entine's Day'! Made popular by the TV showParks and Rec, Galentine's Day is a fun way to market to your female customers. Design some BFF-sets, like friendship sets for adults so you can sell 2 of the same item!

3. DISCOUNTS: Offer a sliding scale discount for the day before and day of Valentine's Day- the more customers purchase, the bigger discount they get!

4. PROMOTE YO'SELF: Have you promoted your business this week? Do it! NOW! Post on ALL your social media two times a day to promote your merchandise, your open hours and any specials you are running! Send an email to your list 2 times this week to relay the
same details. If you don't tell your followers you are ready for them to shop this week, they'll never know!

If you can't tell- I'm VERY passionate about using this week as a way to boost traditionally slow winter sales. Suddenly customers wake up and realize it's time to take out the credit card again. And it's been long enough since Christmas that they are ready! Get yourself ready to make some money!!

Happy Valentine's Day!