You choose: Stay Stuck or Make Money

I know you feel it.
Like you're a hamster, on a wheel.
In your business running.
Always running.
If it's not one thing, it's the next.

How are you managing it all?
Not much sleep?
Worried alot or making mistakes?
Forgetting things?
Or you're just overwhelmed with how much there is to do right now?

You're worried about money.
But you're making money.
Although not much is left at the end of the month.
It feels like you should have more.
How to other businesses seem to have money?
But you don't?

Everything's good... but is it?
You'd like to be growing the business.
Starting ecommerce, or maybe adding some pop up spots?
You want to take vacation... eh, but most boutique owners don't.
Right? They don't take vacation.
That's just something to dream about.
Palm trees, beaches, fruity drinks...

Ugh, that sounds so good right now.

It doesn't have to be so hard! 
You can have it all!
You can grow your business!
You can take that vacation!
You can hire help!
You can create an amazing business and a fun life!

When I was running my business, The Fashion Truck, I created the most incredible situation for myself. I would work the truck from April to December, and then take 3 months off. You'd most often find me in tropical spots in January and February- sometimes running my business online... sometimes not!

I refused to be stressed out as a business owner. I hadn't quit corporate to put myself right back in that situation.

I knew there were specific things I needed to do to prevent overwhelm, make great business decisions and get the press and sales I deserved.

>> This is how I ended up in Forbes, InStyle and Lucky Magazines!

>> This is how I one awards for "Best of" "Top Shop" and "Most Stylish" every single year!

>> This is how I created an absolutely incredible life for myself, traveling and feeling like I could 'play' when I wanted to!

And this is now what I'm showing my clients to do. To create a business that rocks and a life that is FUN!

Are you ready for that to be your life?

LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP!  I've extended the deadline to Friday night!

5 SPOTS FOR 8 WEEK 1:1 CONSULTING (Update: only 2 spots available!)

If you're feeling like this year is slipping through your fingers, and your big hopes for a thriving business are going have to wait til next year...


I want to help you get a FIRM GRASP on 2016 and really turn things around in these last 8 weeks.

It doesn't have to be over yet!!

You can choose to give yourself a chance, rather than saying: "oh well maybe next year...", you could buckle down for these 8 weeks and REALLY make yourself proud.

Prove it to yourself, once and for all, that you are capable and worthy of success, doing what you love.

 I've put together a super special package for just 5 women who are going to rapidly shift their reality with me in an intensive 8-week transformation. (starting THIS WEEK!)

And -- it's half the price of my regular package! 

You'll hardly recognize yourself by the end of the year!!

You can expect to: 
  •  analyze your sales & margin data to maximize profits
  •  get you feeling great about your biz (mindset!)
  •  find your ideal client and speak to her loudly!
  •  dig deep into your inventory management and make it flow properly
  •  develop a buying and markdown strategy
  •  create and schedule content for all your social media channels
  •  launch your e-commerce or social selling site
  •  and whatever else you need…

This is a super high-level customized 8 weeks. You'll get the same access that my longer term 1:1 clients get. Training videos, book lists, workbooks-- you'll get what you need to succeed.

You want a business partner? Great- that's me for eight weeks. You'll have weekly 1:1 calls with just me and full email access to me for the entire length of us working together. 
You + Me... we're going to deep dive into your business to figure out what is going right to push it, what's going wrong, and stop it. No more wondering why you have too much inventory or why there's not as much money in the bank as you thought there should be. 
Picture this: In just 8 weeks, you've got your business running like a super profitable machine, you have an after-holiday plan set up and in place, and you KNOW it's all working exactly the way you imagined in the dreams you had about your retail business. We're going to bring this to life.

Imagine clinking glasses of bubbly on New Year's Eve, celebrating your upleveled brand, newfound confident mindset, unshakeable business roadmap!!

Let's do this NOW!

Here's what's included:
:: 8 intensive 1:1 coaching sessions (We connect on a deep level for 1 hour every week to analyze your business and whip you into action!)
:: Welcome Packet to get you moving immediately, even before your first session! (Clients have seen big change just from this!)
:: My priceless reading list with teachers and thought-leaders it's taken me years to find
:: My very own resource guide, with the actual business systems I've used for my own six-figure success
:: 10+ Training Workbooks and videos that will guide you in the areas of business you need to skyrocket to CEO level

The investment is 2 monthly installments of $2500, or $5000 paid in full.
My regular 4 month 1:1 coaching package is $10,000.

The thing is, we need to get started ASAP!

Spots are limited to 5 (now only 2 available!), since I'm really going to be giving you MY ALL. I want you to have the most space held for you to RISE & SUCCEED, with committed loving butt-kicking support!

These spots are going to fill literally overnight -- so if you want one, use the button below to grab your spot, and feel the energy of the universe begin to vibrate and swirl around you!! You are so powerful!!

Click here to enroll (installment or full pay options):

Or reply to this email if you have a question, or to request a quick chat to see if this is a good fit!

Wouldn't it be SO AMAZING to look back on this day, as the day that EVERYTHING SHIFTED? The day you jumped in and staked your claim as the CEO of your business? Finally locked into place and success felt REAL?

Can't wait to connect with you!

What's your dream?

Finding the courage to just go for it...

I used to be just like you.

I remember sitting in corporate roundtable meetings, daydreaming about the day I would finally open my own store. For years, I drew sketches of logos, interior designs and making plans in the back of my notebook. I took a classes at FIT at night to learn as much as I could. One was called "Opening Your Own Boutique", taught by a woman named Princess, who had a well established store on 125th Street in Harlem. Over the course of 4 two hour classes, she continuously said the phrase,"You've just got to do it!" Princess was priceless.

The day I was called down to HR and told that my job was being eliminated, I felt relieved. I stared across the table at my boss and the HR guy and said "Give me a few months, then start to look for The Fashion Truck out on the road." I don't know where from within me that came from, or how I had the guts to just say it. But I said it- and I did it. Within 6 months of that day, I was rolling out of my driveway in The Fashion Truck.

If you are have been dreaming of opening a retail store, what's stopping you? Do you feel well prepared take the leap? I'm here to help... And remember: "You've just got to do it!"

Keep on truckin',

My favorite online resources!

I love going to trade shows! I usually attend FAME in New York City to shop some of my favorite, affordable, low minimum vendors. Knowing that much of that inventory will ship when it ships (you never really know...!), I always have some other options in my back pocket. Making sure I'm on top of the trends and can add inventory quickly when I need it is also super important.

That's why I rely on some amazing online resources to provide me with a huge array of choices in merchandise. Many of these sites are compilations of many vendors in the US so you are sure to get tons of options that match what you need. See my favorite sites below.

Keep on truckin',


I love ordering in-between show inventory from these websites. I can discover new vendors, try out a new style or two and find out what's trending in boutiques across the country!

Fashion Go: A HUGE array of merchandise- from clothing to accessories to shoes. Check out the 'Best of the Best' tab at the top for what the bestsellers on the site are. A great way to see trending items!

Golden Stella: LOVE this website's jewelry and scarves. They are based in Atlanta so if you are on the East Coast, you can typically get inventory in less than 5 days!

LA Showroom: Similar to Fashion Go, this Los Angeles based website features vendors that sell everything from shoes to plus sizes. Recently redesigned, a wonderful resource for well made items.