My favorite online resources!

I love going to trade shows! I usually attend FAME in New York City to shop some of my favorite, affordable, low minimum vendors. Knowing that much of that inventory will ship when it ships (you never really know...!), I always have some other options in my back pocket. Making sure I'm on top of the trends and can add inventory quickly when I need it is also super important.

That's why I rely on some amazing online resources to provide me with a huge array of choices in merchandise. Many of these sites are compilations of many vendors in the US so you are sure to get tons of options that match what you need. See my favorite sites below.

Keep on truckin',


I love ordering in-between show inventory from these websites. I can discover new vendors, try out a new style or two and find out what's trending in boutiques across the country!

Fashion Go: A HUGE array of merchandise- from clothing to accessories to shoes. Check out the 'Best of the Best' tab at the top for what the bestsellers on the site are. A great way to see trending items!

Golden Stella: LOVE this website's jewelry and scarves. They are based in Atlanta so if you are on the East Coast, you can typically get inventory in less than 5 days!

LA Showroom: Similar to Fashion Go, this Los Angeles based website features vendors that sell everything from shoes to plus sizes. Recently redesigned, a wonderful resource for well made items.