The Stylish and Successful Six Figure Blueprint is the ONLY program in the world designed specifically for boutique owners and retail product sellers.

If you are a boutique owner (brick & mortar, mobile or e-commerce), LuLaRoe ConsultantAmazon Seller or an Artist/Designer who sells their work commercially--- get ready to see results!

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I was once where you are.

I knew I wanted a mobile boutique. I was SO ready to jump right in and get my truck on the road. The problem was that I had no idea where to even begin to find the answers for the mounting questions I had. Permits, costs, sourcing inventory, where to find a truck, how to get insurance for this non-traditional storefront...the list kept getting longer and the resources were running dry. It was overwhelming. And everywhere I turned for help, I heard the word "No." The average person just didn't see my dream mobile boutique the way I did in my head.

This is me! Driving my business The Fashion Truck!

This is me! Driving my business The Fashion Truck!

5 Years Later, I now have one of the most recognized mobile boutiques in the country, The Fashion Truck. My Award Winning business has been featured in Forbes, InStyle, Lucky, ABC News, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Fox Business... and many more. I have taught hundreds of future and current mobile boutique owners how to start, operate and SUCCEED (aka make money!) in their businesses. I even wrote the official book on how to do it, "The Ultimate Boutique Handbook: How to Start, Operate and Succeed" a 5-Star Rated Amazon Ebook. Oh, and I have LOVED every second of owning my mobile boutique. I'm beyond happy I just took the first step, and never looked back.

Are you ready to start a boutique business you love, and make tons of money with it?